This world is an amazing place, with no doubt. But to strive towards a goal without taking the time to check and see what forces are at work, is to land among the Moon when you’re aiming for the stars.

The reason I’m writing this article is that I consistently find myself against the same challenges I’ve thought to have either left behind, forgot, or overcame and conquered. Even as I type this, I’m already auditing my actions, filling doubt into my journey of Abolition. In this movement, it is important for you to understand the forces at work and understand not what shape or form they occur, but what path these forces take.

When you are in front of a Judge, defined as an appointed official in a court of law or to form an opinion, it’s important to put something into perspective. We know the Judge is part of the force at work, but how often do we consider itself a force of its own?

Let’s take another look at the definition of “Judge”. It’s either an official or an opinion. But when we observe a judge’s ruling, we often affiliate it with facts. The fact that 2 years in jail is appropriate, or the fact that the court system is corrupted… we commonly find that “fact” is concealing the actual force at work. And so let me lay this out as simple as possible because what I would hope to do, is inspire or double-down on that truth within you.

The person, sitting in that chair, as the judge, is a vessel. This “Judge” is no more super-natural than you or I. However, we may not dismiss the energy behind the person. To say this energy has no intelligence or that one may not be able to contribute to it, is to dismiss the existence of people. Energy, even one that is labeled “Power”, can be controlled. Here’s the fun stuff: Very often, too often, those who stand in front of this “Judge” speak to the person directly, but to the “Power” indirectly. This creates a feeling not many people experience, and so you can imagine, or not be surprised when the Person, this judge, becomes corrupted.

I want to try my best and not get too detailed about this, or, what I call a “Titan Society” and how we all operate from this society. But the name of the game is to convince this old society into the new one… the “Olympian Society”. When the Judge is brought in front of you or you in front of the Judge, it is not the person who is the judge… it is the Power. Some may feel offended or took back or even fearful, but it is important to understand we are in a beautiful time where energy is becoming aware of its own hostage… that is to say, Power, the beautiful energy you stand in front of, has been imprisoned by the people who sat in that chair as a judge. It is up to YOU to witness it, respect it, and talk directly to it.

Imagine what an imprisoned person must feel when people stand in front of the jail cells… chanting “we hear you, we see you, we love you”. When our generations speak about the power of love, let’s not forget love is god’s gift to us, it’s one of the strongest decision-makers within the human capacity. We may not have power, we may not have security, or may not understand where our home exists, but love is truly within us at any given time. Sometimes we need someone to speak to that… sometimes we need to speak of it.

I want to be more direct at this point because… I like being direct. When the judge sits in that seat, he or she plugs into the prison system and arises Power. The Power, an imprisoned Tiger, very rarely is spoken to. The good this is this, the Judge, also, is imprisoned. The Judge is imprisoned by Titan Society and how this society operates. The judge is not blind, however, the judge waits for people to see Power, and to understand it for what it is. To free them both, by speaking directly to that power and allowing the judge to make GOOD decisions. We all know we’re good people, the judge knows you’re a good person, it’s ridiculously hard to see this if you’ve been directly impacted by the Judge who’s operating from Titan Society. But it is important to see this.

The problem with what’s happening to Power is that it is being taken away from traveling and discovering. It’s been sitting in these chambers way too long and eventually this power WILL suffocate. When all is chaotic and the system finally collapses under its weight, it would be too late. And that’s why it is important for us to wake this Power, right there!

Imagine speaking to this glorious power with love. The Judge may derail you, throw you off, or agitate you, but it’s important to understand Power Sees You! Why do you do what you do? Because we need more leaders. And this judge, can either be a leader or a vessel, but no matter what, it’s checkmate. Speaking to power, the Judge will need to make one of two choices – Power or Understanding. To understand why you’re doing this and that you are a good person helps conserve his or her Power, but also conserves it with a drop of your love. To use Power when power sees you speaking to it, it rages within the wielder… eventually, enough people speaking to that power, while the Judge struggles to keep that power, it will implode in the judge in some way or another.

It is important that you speak to Power without handcuffs, as you would remove your glasses or hat in the house of someone you respect. If the Judge removes these handcuffs at anyone’s request (especially yours) imagine Power sitting there powerful, is it a Tiger? is it an Elephant? a Gorilla?… a Panther? Express what you did and why you did it, let them know about the missing pieces and missing leadership, and as so long as that is the case, good people continue to suffer. Laws change. You are worth changing the law for. Period. And if that Judge chooses to strike you with the same Power that stands gloriously there, feel even GREATER, because energy is realizing through the people.

Its simple. But its not easy. We may need more people speaking in this way, getting arrested and in this way, breaking the prison system.

I hope this has been inspiring.