It’s been a long week, and if you live in the year 2020 you already know that.

As society continues to break down to rebuild, let’s bring the awareness back to center. The real question is, where is your center? How do you create your place of peace within yourself? Do you have a moment to reference to that helps you to create that peace? In our minds society is burning down but what raises up from the ashes, the Phoenix. So out of the fires of the hell that is going on around us have the power to reshape our realities by changing our patterns and create moments of peace to reference to. Try to fill your center with things that will help keep you grounded, humble and full of understanding. It is our souls calling to feed ourselves with the strength to rebuild, deconstruct and let go of what no longer serves us. We must learn the art of letting go to let G.O.D (Guidance Out of Darkness) happen. We have been accumulating in our centers for a while, things that keeps us away from peace and our internal guidance wants to help us change that. It’s easy to question weather something is going to feed us physically so question weather something is going to feed you on a soul level? We were taught how to feed ourselves physically so let’s begin to teach ourselves how to feed ourselves on a soul level. Begin by creating a new pattern of asking yourself the question is this Food for My Soul?

Happy Saturday!

Stay Creative Pens and Gems!

The Tree House