Abolition Now

What if the police go on strike... what would happen? What if the city dismantled law enforcement and left civilians to fend for themselves. Although striking may be possible, still these are highly unlikely situations. In this article, I want to talk about the 'What if?' and how we can benefit from being prepared. To Be Continued

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It's FRIDAY!!! You what that means? It's Friendly Fridge Fridays! We are on an amazing journey of learning and discovering all about the different Friendly Fridges and their Artist. This week we had the pleasure of stopping over at The Bronx Friendly Fridge. 8 w Kings Bridge rd, Bronx, NY Right out side of a local store sit this shining star of a Bronx neighborhood. It's located right near the train and is also accessibl by buses so which ma...

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What's in Your Fridge? (Friendly Fridge Fridays style)

This week we didn't have a Friendly Fridge Fridays because we needed a little TLC in the back of the house at the Tree House, but we will be back in action next week. In the meantime, we are switching things up a bit! We're going to do something a little different but definitely friendly fridge style! This one is going to be called What's in your Fridge? Friendly Fridge Friday was started to promote the Friendly Fridge movement and highlight Artis...

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It's been a long week, and if you live in the year 2020 you already know that. As society continues to break down to rebuild, let's bring the awareness back to center. The real question is, where is your center? How do you create your place of peace within yourself? Do you have a moment to reference to that helps you to create that peace? In our minds society is burning down but what raises up from the ashes, the Phoenix. So out of the fire...

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°•|Zero Waste Hack|•°

You just finished your smoothie and now you have a bunch of banana peels leftover. Normally you would just throw them away but did you know that there are plenty of ways you can reuse your yellow slippery friend. I definitely encourage you to look up other ways to reuse your peels but for now, we are going to talk about banana water. Banana Water is a natural liquid fertilizer for your plants. It can be used o...

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Capitalistic Culture

Today's society in America, fundamentally revolves around capitalism. Many of us wake up to the life under capitalism while some of us struggle to get in front of the line of capitalism. This reality has brought the saturation of advertisements and the influencer market into existence. Even as communities detach from society, find it difficult to remove away from capitalism. And so this article will highlight some of the psychological flaws capita...

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