Are You Hueman? A Quick Look At Colors

In 1672, Isaac Newton pioneered in the theory that all colors exist in white light. Although, tragically and while in this time, there were witch hunts - there were also thoughts about the nature of light. Now known that if you take a prism and shine sun-light through it, you can slit the light into colors of the rainbow. In light physics, we know that white light is more than what we see. For what we know, and what we've found out so l...

POWER! We Hear You, We See You, We Love You!

This world is an amazing place, with no doubt. But to strive towards a goal without taking the time to check and see what forces are at work, is to land among the Moon when you're aiming for the stars. The reason I'm writing this article is that I consistently find myself against the same challenges I've thought to have either left behind, forgot, or overcame and conquered. Even as I type this, I'm already auditing my actions, filling doubt in...

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