Project Change Of Luck is a covert operation that uplifts the consciousness of those who are feeling down on their luck. This is a rough draft idea, but an example of such would be this: Someone is feeling down. Randomly, they come across an item (either a cigarette or pair of boots or a jacket or a record album) and it says SOMETHING like “Your luck is changing” or “what goes down, must come up”.

Our goal is to design these items using an “Acme Brand”. It’s a fake company that is designed in a way where the positive message is interpreted by the finder of this product. The idea was inspired by two comrades who were smoking a cigarette, a whole cigarette had fallen on the floor and got a little wet. We decided to stick it in a gate and write on the pole next to it “Change Of Luck”. This way, anyone who would happen to want the cigarette would get a jolt of inspiration. It’s a spiritual contribution with no profits… but it doesn’t make any less important.