We’re huge fans of the independent game world. Some of the platforms we’re familiar with is Gamesalad and Unity. Although this is a heavy industry we want to focus on the bigger picture here and so we plan on creating available game assets for other developers to use.

Creating a game has become easier than most imagine, and so looking at two aspects of creating a game, design and development, YUMYODA plan on designing high quality Game Assets. You can say we’re creating an open-source world for developers and artists to take inspiration and get creative with. We will take no royalties and there won’t be any restrictions. Game Assets from Sprites to Environments are the visuals you see working on top of the functions of the game. What we hope to do is stamp a core/center story for our mascots to allow these creators to build and expand the universe of YUMYODA.

This helps branding spread, while contributing to a youthful and growing community. The community always seems to surprise us with there amazing storytelling and game development. We also hope to inspire new comers to the world of programming and look forward to seeing what happens to Creature, Creator, and Kibo in their multidimensional journey. Who will they see? What powers will they discover? What feats will they achieve and how did they accomplish them?