This week we didn’t have a Friendly Fridge Fridays because we needed a little TLC in the back of the house at the Tree House, but we will be back in action next week. In the meantime, we are switching things up a bit! We’re going to do something a little different but definitely friendly fridge style! This one is going to be called What’s in your Fridge? Friendly Fridge Friday was started to promote the Friendly Fridge movement and highlight Artist around the city that are contributing to the food justice movement. With this in mind, we wanted to ask you to ask yourself What is in your Fridge?

What’s in your physical fridge, your mental fridge and your spiritual fridge? What are you feeding yourself physically, mentally and spiritually. Is it adding to your wellbeing or depleting you? Walk into your kitchen and take notice to the kind of foods you are taking in. Is it nourishing to your body? Doesn’t it make you feel good or guilty and why does it make you feel that way? Does the food you see in your fridge reflect the kind of person you are? Does it make you appreciate yourself more or less? The point of asking these questions, is not to make you feel bad but for you to comprehend that eating is more than just an action but a whole experience. Food should be nurturing to you on all levels, not just one! For people who live in food apartheid environments these questions sometimes get put into the back of their minds due to the lack of freedom of choice. Sometimes people have to go out of their way just to find good quality food. Sometimes people have to spend a little more to prevent an allergic response in their body. Some cases people have to sacrifice a wholesome experience, due to financial restrictions. The reality is when you take a look at what’s in your fridge what we eat creates a world inside of us. It is a birth right to have and experience food that nourishes us on the inside and the out. It should not have to be a sacrifice for someone to choose quality over quantity. For those who live in neighborhoods where the environment is set up for you not to thrive, know that there is support out there that is willing and ready to assist when you need it. The reason why The Tree House was created was to inform the people of the solutions being created to bring justice to the freedom of choice with the fork. When you go shopping make sure to choose food that create a loving environment inside of you and give food to others that creates a loving environment inside them.

A final message to close out this post is… Remember to give thanks for our food.

Let’s remember to give thanks to those that cook, grow and make your food. If you are able to, please find the closest friendly fridge near you and contribute something that is wholesome and nourishing. Always give with a loving heart, and remember to do things that nourish you on all levels not just one. Makes sure to take note of what’s in your fridge and if your body doesn’t like it, don’t buy it. If it’s going bad, compose it (if you can). If you don’t like the taste of it, don’t waste it, replace it!

The Art

This week as we mentioned we didn’t have a friend fridge so that means no Artist. However we can highlight you! There is an Artist inside of all of us just waiting to create. So this week a long with talking to yourselves in the kitchen (no judgement), you be the Artist and create something. Get some paint, crayons, markers whatever your heart desires and create! If you like to share it send us an email and we’ll post it!

Send your pictures to subject What’s in your fridge (The Art).

Well see you all next Friday with another Friendly Fridge Fridays. Happy Snacking! The Tree House

Photo credit:The Tree House